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На тази страница можете да изтеглите SF Toontime Blotch Italic шрифт версия ver 1.0; 2000. Freeware., който принадлежи към семейство SF Toontime Blotch (Italic профил). Дизайнер - ShyFonts Type Foundry (за комуникация използвайте следния адрес: http://www.shyfonts.com). Изтеглете SF Toontime Blotch Italic безплатно на BG.AllFont.net. Този шрифт спада към следните категории: all caps, casual, handrawn. Размер на шрифта – само 54 Kb

Шрифт SF Toontime Blotch Italic
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Семейство SF Toontime Blotch
Профил Italic
Идентификация ShyFontsTypeFoundry: SF Toontime Blotch Italic: 2000
Пълно име SF Toontime Blotch Italic
Версия ver 1.0; 2000. Freeware.
PostScript име SFToontimeBlotch-Italic
Размер 54 Kb
Търговска марка SF Toontime Blotch Italic is a trademark of the ShyFonts Type Foundry.
Дизайнер ShyFonts Type Foundry
URL адрес на дизайнера http://www.shyfonts.com
URL адрес на доставчика http://www.shyfonts.com
Описание на лиценза By downloading this font package you agree to the following terms of use: - This FONT PACKAGE is freeware. - This FONT PACKAGE may be distributed ONLY via the Internet for FREE. Under NO circumstances may this FONT PACKAGE be sold for a profit nor be included as part of another product or CD-ROM compilation. If you wish to include this FONT PACKAGE for FREE distribution on your Web Site, please include all of the fonts and original documentation supplied with this FONT PACKAGE. - You may install and use this FONT PACKAGE on an unlimited amount of machines. - You may NOT rename, edit, or create any alternate variations of the fonts included in this FONT PACKAGE. - This FONT PACKAGE comes "as is" with NO warranty whatsoever. SHYFONTS accepts NO responsibility for any damages or loss of any kind due to the use of this FONT PACKAGE. The use of this FONT PACKAGE is solely your responsibility -- you use this FONT PACKAGE at your own risk. - Enjoy the fonts! If you have any question regarding this document or the usage of this font package, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Thank you for downloading this font package and enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ©2001 ShyFonts Type Foundry -- http://www.shyfonts.com

Преглед на SF Toontime Blotch Italic

Преглед на шрифта SF Toontime Blotch Italic

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